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Cloning a Job

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If you regularly run scans where the settings and Agents are the same, it is possible to clone previously completed jobs.

To clone a job, click on the name of the job that you wish to clone from the Jobs tab.

On the Summary screen, you will see the option to clone the selected job.

Cloning a Job

Clicking the Clone Job button will copy the settings from the currently selected job (e.g. Scan Location, Agents, any changes to settings), and will set the start date and time to the current time. If you do not wish to make any changes to the settings, click Next for each of the four steps in the job creation wizard. If you wish to make changes, you may do so at the appropriate step.

NOTE: Cloning a job does not clone the data, only the job control metadata. Cloning a job is useful when you’re proving remediation has been completed.

If the Agent Groups that were associated with the job have changed since that job was completed (for example, if Agents have been added to or removed from an Agent Group), you will be given the following options:

Use the agents in the groups as they were THEN
Doing this will make a direct copy of the cloned job’s list of Agents.
This setting is appropriate for regression / remediation scans, and scans where you want identical settings to the previous scan.

Use the agents in the groups as they are NOW
Doing this will override the cloned job’s list of Agent Groups and use the current Agent lists from the Agent Group(s) selected in the original job. This setting is appropriate for scans in the deployment / setup phase where Agent Groups may change and you want to ensure the most up-to-date setup.

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