Quasar Scan user guide

Deployment Overview

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This section of the guide covers the installation and deployment process for Quasar. There are three primary components that are needed to use Quasar:

  1. Quasar Server – Runs the Quasar scanning service.
  2. Quasar UI – Provides the interface to run scans, configure scans, and export results.
  3. Quasar Agents – Located on every system that needs to be scanned.

Once the agents have been set up and configured to connect to the Quasar server, our Quasar Specialists (card-scanning-as-a-service) or your own staff will primarily use the web interface to control the jobs and the agents. The Quasar server uses a set of folders with security permissions to store relevant data about the jobs, hits (e.g. card numbers, track information, etc.), and files (e.g. metadata about the files or entities that are being looked at).

Scan Deploy
Scan Deploy