Quasar Scan user guide

Environment Considerations

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Network ports

Quasar V4 and V5 agents use 3 TCP ports for their connection to the server.

  • TCP 55555 (“five fives”),
  • TCP 55557 (“four-fives-seven”),
  • TCP 55559 (“four-fives-nine”)

Connections are established from the agents to the server.

Note: Quasar 5 network protocols are fully backward-compatible with Quasar 4.
V4 and V5 agents and servers can be mixed without issue.


Quasar and its scanning process should be exempt from antivirus scrutiny.

Antivirus and application whitelisting software can interfere with Quasar. This could result in slow scans or excessive CPU use due to the way that the protection software interferes with the application and associated processes. All of the Quasar processes and associate files need to be whitelisted on your antivirus or application whitelisting solution. If the Quasar solution has not been appropriately whitelisted this can prevent the application from functioning as intended.


  1. The Quasar Agent
    \”C:Program Files (x86)quasaragent\”
  2. Quasar Data Folders
  3. Quasar Activities
  4. Quasar Files
  5. Quasar Application Folders

Accounts Needed

Quasar Service Account
WARNING: Quasar will only run under the account it is installed as (e.g. local admin account or service account with local admin privileges).

Quasar Operations
User account with remote access and local admin

URL Whitelisted

Your secure upload zone URL must be whitelisted from the Quasar Server or the jump host so qsa files can be uploaded to our secure zone for analysis.

Example URL: \”https://upload.confide.co.nz//z/test-quasar-upload/up\”

The actual URL will be provided to you.