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You can view the output from scans in the Quasar UI. All output (web and .csv) containing potential PAN / Track data is presented in masked form (compliant with PCI Requirement 3.3 for display of PAN).

We recommend working with an export of the file rather than the web console display. The web console display is intended for convenient, quick looks rather than in-depth analysis.

PAN Scan

You can view:

  • Track Hits
  • PAN Hits
  • Files

Columns can be sorted ascending or descending, and can be sorted by multiple columns by holding down the shift key as you select which columns to sort by.

Exporting PAN

From the job output screen it is possible to export the results to CSV. It should be noted that all data exported in CSV format will be truncated, and any numbers beyond the first 6 / last 4 will be replaced with underscores. This is not optional and cannot be turned off. For full analysis, we recommend exporting the data as a .qsa file for your analysts to use. These files are encrypted, and the data exported is not truncated when inside the Quasar Viewer (any data exported from the Quasar Viewer is truncated). For more information about how to export the encrypted files, see Exporting Results.

Scoring PAN

PAN results are scored as follows:

  • PAN with a score greater than 0 is likely to be valid card data.
  • PAN with a score of 0 may be card data, but it is less certain.
  • PAN with a score of -1 indicates that the number may be card data, but it is not a BIN that is currently included in the BIN list.
  • PAN with a score less than 0 is unlikely to be valid card data.

NOTE: These are simply guidelines, and care should be taken with any deletion of data identified by the Quasar scan. The output of the scans should be reviewed by an individual. QuasarScan Ltd. is not responsible for any damage caused to data or systems as a result of deleting data identified by the scan.