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Overview of a Scan

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The process of conducting a scan goes through several stages. This section provides an overview of the basic set-up and scanning process. Each of the areas is described in further detail in the next sections of the user guide.

Overview of a Scan
  1. Review Agents: The first step is to review the agents to ensure that all expected agents are present and connected to the Quasar Server.
  2. Make Agent Groups: Next, Agents are added to groups that will be used in the scanning process.
  3. Make New Job: As part of making a new job, you will need to select your Agent Groups, set any master settings, adjust any job settings, and define the scan schedule.
  4. Watch Job Run: While the scan is running, you can view the progress of it.
  5. Retrieve Output: Once the scan is completed, you can view the results from your browser, or export them to a CSV file.