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This page provides an overview of the installation and deployment process for Quasar in your environment.

1. Install Quasar Tools

Quasar consists of:

  • Quasar Server: Runs on the Quasar Service to support the scanning processes.
  • Quasar UI: Used to create, manage, and export jobs.
  • Agents: Agents are installed on each of the servers / workstations that need to be scanned.

2. Configure Network Ports

Quasar requires the following ports to be open for communications from the Agents to the Quasar Server:

  • TCP 55555 (five-fives)
  • TCP 55557 (four-fives-seven)
  • TCP 55559 (four-fives-nine)

3. Configure Scans, Perform Scans, and Analyse the Results

The standard scanning process is an iterative process.

  1. Create a job with the desired timeframe.
  2. Run the job and wait for it to complete.
  3. Export the results.
  4. Analyse the results.
  5. Find the cardholder data identified and either (1) securely delete it, or (2) store it as per PCI DSS requirements.
  6. Identify the targets you need to re-scan to ensure that the cardholder data has been removed or protected.
Scan Process