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At some point you may want to expand your scanning capabilities to scan either faster or more data. This section provides a guide on how to scale your install.

Sequential Process

A job running on an agent is a single-threaded, sequential process. File after file, table after table. So to get more speed, you either need to run more jobs or use more agents. Jobs are usually limited to one job per core, this is accomplished through parallelisation.

Single Threaded Process


Quasar uses two main kinds of parallelisation: Many and Big.


Many involves lots of Agents, all scanning themselves. In this approach, the individual agents do less work. How many agents you can run in a batch this way per job typically depends on network load and how much data your Quasar database can hold at one time.

Parallelised Process (Many)


Big involves one or more agents, usually running multiple jobs at once, all related to the same target and splitting the input space. This is usually done through whitelisting files, tables, etc.

Parallelised Process (Big)