Quasar Scan user guide

Server and UI Deployment

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Required Software

You will need to obtain the most recent version of the software from the Quasar Deployment Specialist or Quasar Compliance Analyst you are working with. The files should include:

  • Quasar Server
  • Quasar UI

Quasar Server Setup and Installation

1. Install Quasar Server Software

Install the SetupQuasarV###.exe file where ### represents the version number of the software. Your Quasar Specialist will provide you with the most recent version of the file. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation of the Quasar Server Package. The default installation location is C:Program Files (x86)quasarserver

2. Install the Quasar Service

Open a command prompt as an Administrator , go to \’C:Program Files (x86)quasarserver\’ and install the Quasar Service.

cd \"C:Program Files (x86)quasarserver\"
quasarserver.exe install

3. Configure the Quasar Service

Configure the Quasar Server Service to run automatically by opening Services (services.msc) as an Administrator. Right click on Quasar Service and configure it as follows:

3a. Startup type


3b. Log On

Select “This Account” and then browse for the account that you have used to install the Quasar service.
Enter the password used for the account.

Click “Apply” and then “OK” to complete the configuration changes for the Quasar Service.

4. Start the Quasar Service

If the Quasar Service is not running, click “Start”.

5. Open the Quasar UI in your Preferred Browser

In your preferred browser (we recommend Chrome), navigate to http://localhost:8372/quasar/agents/all and you should see an interface similar to below.

Quasar Web UI