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Troubleshooting Scans

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The last seen time is not very recent.

The 3.x series agents ping the server on average, every 7 minutes. If you are seeing a Last Seen time that is significantly longer ago than that, you may need to:

  • Check that the computer hosting the agent is present on the network
  • Check that the agent service is running on that computer
  • Check the network connectivity between that computer and the Quasar Server computer.

Unresponsive buttons and/or tables

If the page loads successfully, but you experience unresponsive buttons, empty tables, or unresponsive tables with \”dead\” looking headers:

Dead Table
Dead Table

This usually means javascript is not working in the browser, and the Browser Considerations section should be consulted for fixes.

The most likely culprit in this case is IE ESC being enabled when using IE. ESC must be disabled.
The second most likely culprit is IE Zone settings. Try adding the site to the Intranet Zone, or vice versa (removing it FROM the Intranet Zone if it is there).

What happens when you create a job and the server isn\’t running?

Server Not Running

Once the server comes back online, the job will be created and will start running.