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Our Story

In 2010, Quasar Scan was created by our Director and Product Lead, Beau Butler, in Taranaki New Zealand.

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At the time, Beau’s colleague who was working on a PCI DSS compliance project was struggling with the serious lack of quality credit card data scanning tools available. As a skilled programmer (and a self admitted data wonk!), Beau got stuck in to the challenge – unaware of the momentous journey he had just started!

Beau’s mission for Quasar Scan was to create a better way for businesses and organisations to identify their data vulnerabilities, reduce compliance scope and sustainably manage risk. And while these core objectives haven’t changed over the years, our product’s capabilities and customer service have evolved hugely. What continues to drive us, is making sure that people’s data isn’t falling into the wrong hands, and having their lives damaged by being defrauded.

After years of development, real-world testing, and refining Quasar Scan as a service, being able to offer Quasar Scan as a product has empowered more enterprises to drive their own data security systems and proactively support sustainable PCI compliance. A Quasar Scan licence lets our clients manage their cardholder security themselves, while still having the option to be supported by our experienced service team or partner organisation in analysing findings, applying custom filtering, and providing targeted recommendations.

Quasar Scan is now a leader in the world of cardholder data discovery – specifically in the field of cardholder data risk and PCI compliance. We still like to think of ourselves as a ‘10-year old startup’ with the flexibility to evolve while delivering first class support to our customers. We strive to give our customers an amazing product that will make a real difference, and protect their wider enterprise and valued customers.

In recent times, Quasar’s expansion into the global marketplace has seen us establish partnerships across multiple different geographies, and we have an exciting future ahead. We are directing our focus to continue making the scanner, viewer, and reporting dashboard easy to use for people of all technical abilities, and much more. We are also discovering ways for Quasar Scan to become a tool to report on more than credit card data so that it can become part of our customers’ wider Governance, Risk, and Compliance frameworks.

Quasar Scan is here to make sure businesses and organisations can easily and sustainably stay on top of their responsibilities, protect their reputation, and ensure that their customers’ personal details are safe.

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